to Pampa CC

High Quality Steaks made on

The Argentine fields


PAMPA-Compañía de Carnes, was born in 2016 as a new business unit attached to DUO SILVESTRE, a company whose main objective is the production of mixed pickles. Always attentive to the trend of meat consumption and considering the increasing demand for the elaboration of gourmet dishes, since then we have been dedicated to the distribution and commercialization of frozen meats. In this way and since 2017, we supply various distributors in our country, seeing as highly probable the opening of new sales channels to international markets.


We offer the best selection of meat and its derivatives, achieving the satisfaction of the consumers of our products, who enjoy a tasty, nutritious, safe and healthy menu, reaching the table of each family, every day, all over the world.


It is important to mention that excellence in our meats is thanks to a meticulous selection of our purchasing team, who select the optimal batches in the primary production stage, with sanitary certification from the producing establishment. Later, they are transferred to slaughter establishments authorized by SENASA (National Service of Health and Food Quality) and are kept cold, under strict predetermined parameters for this purpose. All stages of the food chain, such as primary production, transport and slaughter, are carried out in compliance with animal welfare standards


We consider that the experience acquired over the years, and the achievements obtained through the acceptance of the markets, makes us a leading company in the gourmet meat market, both frozen and processed